Hi Ladies, as you might know already, the 281 will be closing down but don’t worry because we have the 281 club stripper alternative for you. That’s right, we will be taking over and offering events at home. Let’s be honest, the 281 was getting old, they had the same show with the same guys every night, you would get those boring lap dances in the open in front of every other girl and you had to buy their expansive drinks.

Well, don’t worry because for your next girl night, bachelorette, birthday, divorce party or anything else, Exotic Temptation will come to you and we will bring the party with us. Our company has been around since 1989, and we have secured the number one spot in terms of adult entertainment at home ever since. We have the best and most beautiful guys around. Our sexy hunks come right to your house, Airbnb, hotel, apartment, condo or any other approved location. This ensures that you can have the best possible fun of your life. For once, you and your girlfriend will be able to be as wild or as conservative as you want in the comfort of your own environment. You can buy your own bottles and make your own drinks, you don’t need a ride or transportation to any club and on top of that you don’t pay anything else than the stripper for his time and that’s a price per group so the more you are, the cheaper it is. Now that’s a great event worth planning.

Our male strippers come with the outfit or your choice, you get to let us know as well what kind of guy you are interested in, they bring their own speaker and music system and we put you in contact with them prior to your event so you can ask them any special request or details that you might want to add. All of our customers have told us that this way to go was so much better than going to a club. If you think about when you were younger, the best parties have always been house parties. Well, this is what Exotic Temptation is bringing to you. A strip club experience right in your own environment and comfort. We are and will be the 281 club Stripper Alternative for all years to come.

Book now by calling us at 819-431-2355 or visit our booking page at https://exotictemptation.ca/contact-us/

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