My name is Ashton and I will tell you how I met a girl through doing a show and fell in love as strippers in Ottawa. As male strippers it is hard to find a girl that will love you for you and understand that this is just a job and that we are still all human and need love, attention, passion, sex, and partners. Back in August, I did a bachelorette party in Mont-Tremblant and there was this cute little brunette who was looking at me throughout the whole show. I noticed her right away and we locked eyes together. I could feel the interest and the passion she had through eye contact. This wasn’t just your a beautiful person type of look, it was like we have to get to know each other.

After the show was done the little Cindy requested that I go for a private dance with the little brunette. We went to a room together and it was like that was the moment we were waiting for. I introduced myself as Ashton and she said I am Melanie. We talked for a bit and the intense passion that was running between us couldn’t do anything to prevent us from engaging in a passionate make out session. It was an instant connection and we knew that this was going to be more that a casual encounter down the road. I exchange numbers with her and left for my next show against my will. She was so sexy, pretty and had those intense eyes that I just wanted to spend more time with it and say screw this all I want that woman.

A receive a text later that evening after my show and Mel ask me if a cheated on her with a wink. I said why do you consider us together yet? She said hey you don’t need to ever cheat on me, bring woman around I love them. Right there I was like wow this chick seems to be open minded and maybe stripping wouldn’t be a problem with her. We went for a coffee the following week and she kissed me and said I really have something I can’t explain for you Ashton and would like to see where this goes from here. As strippers in Ottawa, it is not easy to met a open minded chick like Mel. The more we spent time together the more we fell in love and to this day, she drives me to shows and support me through everything and we are building our life together. She loves women and invite some home to have fun altogether from time to time which I can’t thank her enough as it is really hot to have a partner who you can have fun with like this and will understand how to carry to a man’s need and make life fun with no stress. I have to say I met my soulmate through a show and we haven’t left each other to this day. She is my partner, best friend, sex goddess, fantasy, lover and most of all, the woman I want to spend the rest of my live with.