Back in 2005, I never knew I would be a stripper. It all started when I left the army in 2003. I was trying to get a job in the civilian life.

My girlfriend at the time had a hard time with the constant moving that was require as a soldier. I was a number and I was sent where they wanted and needed me to go.

In 5 years, we moved 3 times. I had enough and wanted out. So I applied for a discharge and finally got it after a long year of paperwork and bullshit.


My plan didn’t work as fast as I wanted and I wasn’t able to secure a great job in any related field. I was broke and needed to find a way to earn money quickly. My grilfriend was working

two jobs and was constantly pressuring me into doing something. So I did. I took a job as a bartender in a club nearby. I wasn’t particularly good at it and wasn’t receiving much tips.

With the help of youtube and a lot of reading on mixology,  I become good at it. Money was coming in and we were getting out of trouble but still it wasn’t enough. I then started to work day shifts

at a restaurant, followed by the club. Eventually, working too much and not spending time with my girlfriend lead to fights. She didn’t like that I was always surrounded by pretty girls at the club

and working with them as well. My long hours took their toll on me and I became irritable and eventually this lead to us splitting up.


Going from the army to losing everything I worked hard for was a struggle. I was lonely and despite trying to make things work with her, she met another man and started a new life of her own.

Eventually I met a guy named Mike at the club. He approached me and said I was good looking and he wanted to talk to me. At first, I thought he was gay. He was tall and fit and had tattoos. He

left me his number and left.


A few days passed by and I never called him back being afraid he was hitting on me. But something was telling me I had to. So one afternoon after drinking my usual vodka soda’s to help with my

misery and loneliness I called him. At first he forgot about me and I had to remind him he asked me to call at the club. He told me how would you like to work half what you are doing right now

for the same amount of money if not more and having some fun at the same time. I said what are you offering. He told me to show up at his place the next day and he was going to try me out.


I was curious and obviously at this point of my life I was ready for anything, as long as it didn’t involve anything criminal or illegal. I arrived at his house, and he received me into the basement.

When I walked down those stairs at arrived at what look like an underground strip club. There was stripping poles and stages and a bunch of good looking guys and females just hanging out. I

asked him what was this all about. He started some music and said watch. The beautiful woman sat of chairs on the stages and the guys walked up to them and started dancing in a sensual and

sort of sexual way. The girls looked like their were enjoying this and slowly they started losing clothes after clothes while doing some moves that you only see strippers do.


Mike said Welcome to Exotic Temptation. This is the training playground. I am the manager of an at home service of exotic male and female dancers. Our goal is to provide a great experience for

our customers. I approached you because I thought you would be a good fit in the team and you looked like you could use some extra earnings in your life. I kept watching the strippers practice

and totally got into it. He said your next and put me in front of two of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Tania and Natasha were there names. Mike said the girls will judge you on your

performance and I want you to seduce them to the best of your abilities while dancing to the music I will be providing.


I was sweating. I wasn’t expecting to be put up to the test like this right away. It was kind of intimidating as they were really beautiful and plenty of guys and girls were watching me. So I used

pretty much all I knew as of dances moves and tried to imitate what I saw the guys doing. The girls were keeping the straightness faces and I had no feedback if what I was doing was good or not.

Here I was in the basement of a guy I don’t know, full of exotic male and female strippers, trying to impress them.


Mike stopped the music and he asked the girls what they thought. Everybody kept silent and that went on for like ten seconds. They all started laughing and the girls said he was great!

I was revealed. Mike said if you want you’re in. I am hiring you as a male stripper on our team. I immediately said yes. Tania winked at me and it seemed like she thought I was cute.

Over time we became good friend me and Tania and even went to do shows for couples together as strippers. After a few months I was working less and less hours at the bar and having more time

off. Tania and I eventually started dating and the sex was great. We fell in love and bought a house together. Hanging out at Mike’s house was plenty of fun and I made a lot of friends.


In a few months I went from nothing to having a life again. I had money, a house, friends, a new girlfriend and on top of that plenty of fun. Stripping was not only a job for me it became a way of

life. I was working out a lot with the boys and girls and we had a lot of good times altogether. I cut down on my drinking and started eating healthy.


Overall Tania and I have been at Exotic Temptation for 6 years now. We opened our own business outside of this lifestyle of being strippers and we are doing better than ever with our combine

efforts. Being a male stripper is not always easy and it definitely took a lot of trust for me and Tania to work this out through our relationship, but it also made it a lot stronger and took some stress

out of our insecurities. It made us stronger and more confident and we became more open to sex and sexual experiences together. It brought us to have a lot of fun and tried a lot of things. And

through Tania is now pregnant and we are expecting our son.


This story is real and my name is Kyle and I am an exotic male dancer.