This is a stripper’s story narrated by Justin XL , male stripper for Exotic Temptation.

My name is Justin XL and at a very young age, I was into dancing and was always comfortable with my body. My name made me recall that most of my baby pictures were always me being naked or wearing very little clothes. I believe it was because I have always been running warmer and wanted to be comfortable. Growing up, this made me at ease with myself and my body and I always been comfortable with girls. I was 7 years old and most of my friends were girls because they thought I was funny and entertaining. When I became a teenager, I took hip hop dancing lessons and became good at moving my body. This has naturally got me to be in contact with people who offered me all sorts of gigs. When I turned 18, I met a guy named Andrew and he made me aware of the possibility to become a male stripper. He was one himself and was working the club scene in Montreal. He invited me to a rehearsal to meet some of his guys from the crew and see what it was all about. And there I was, hooked and amazed about this whole secret industry.

I started working at the clubs right away since I was good enough and fit enough for them to allow me to have a job. The easy cash, the women’s attention, the partying, the crazy after parties and the crew made me want to do more and more. A stripper’s story is my short story about my upbringing. I was raised by a single mother and had one sister. I never knew my dad since he bailed on my mom the moment she got pregnant with me. We were poor and my mom always had to work double jobs to afford the basic necessities of life for my sister and me. When I started working and especially after I became a stripper, I was giving a lot of money to my mom. She never really asked where it was coming from as she thought it might have been drug money or something else. One day I sat with her and I remember I was 22 years old. I told her I was a stripper and enjoyed doing shows and entertaining the crowd. She didn’t seem surprised and said I knew you could do something like that with your dancing skills and entertaining moves. She said that she didn’t care as long as I wouldn’t fall into drugs and addictions. I promised her I wouldn’t and to this day I always made sure not to follow guys into this lifestyle of doing drugs and drinking prior to a big night at the club.

Eventually, I met Trevor and Mike from Exotic Temptation and they offered me to dance for the company. They told me that they were providing entertainment at home for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, divorce parties and all other sorts of parties. This has become my favorite thing to do and ever since I have been working exclusively for the company. They have been number one since 1989 and have done over 30 000 shows for all sorts of events ever since. I fell in love with the opportunity to go to different people’s homes and entertain them privately. This has been a great way for the customer to relax in their own environment and to have a private party when it can be as wild or as conservative as they wish it to be.

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A stripper’s story by Justin XL