Hey there ladies, my name is Diesel and I have been a male stripper for exotic temptation for over 5 years now. I really enjoy what I do and love having a good time with the ladies. Today I want to tell you have a wild bachelorette party that me and Texas went to. So last weekend we got called up by our manager to inquire about our availability to travel to a cottage outside of town to strip for a double bachelorette party.

We were available so we took the opportunity to go. We had to be dressed in cowboys. As usual we went through our preparation. Hair check, body check, shower and fragrance check, uniform check and then we were ready to go. We drove to a little town called Qyon in Quebec. Upon arrival we were received by this gorgeous blondy wearing nothing else but sexy laundry. We thought it was pretty cool and followed her inside the cottage. The lighting was dimed down and there was candles light up all over the place. It look something like a private secret party.

The living room was hidden by big curtains hanging from the ceiling. We thought this is different and interesting what is behind. The blondy opened the curtains and said let’s start the party. There was on the many couches about 20 ladies all dressed up in sexy laundry looking at us with their leg crossed. We thought Texas and I wow this looks like it’s going to be a fun bachelorette party. The host Tammy told us we are going to play a sexy game. The two ladies in white are the brides and they are out of bound. For every piece of clothing you guys take off during your dances, you get to pick one girl who will take a piece of clothing off too.

I looked at Texas and he had a smile. Ok we agreed that looks like fun. Tammy said the girls in dark laundry are singles and part of the game and the rest are not so you can have some fun with them and pick which one you want to get undressed first. This was definitely going to be great haha.

We started our dance and slowly took our shirt off. We then each picked a girl who took her bra off to reveal her beautiful breast. The ladies were cheering and were all enjoying this very much. The brides told us to dance on the topless ladies which turned the heat even more. Texas was looking at me like this is crazy nothing like that ever happens. I nod and wink to him and said he buddy let’s enjoy this it’s their idea and we are here to please them. As we were losing more and more clothes the girls ended up full naked and asked us to take body shots on their breast and inner thighs. We were both really pleased by the beautiful look of their bodies, nice pussies and breast and beautiful faces. This has to be the craziest bachelorette party we have been to for sure.

As we were done with the show we told the ladies that we were off duties now and no longer working for the company. They wanted us to stay and have a good time with them which we agreed to. The rest of the night got even wilder and we were having a private party the four of us in one of the bedrooms. Let’s just say that everybody had a good time and those single girls had the biggest smile on their face after we gave them what they ask from us. Being a male stripper can be a lot of work but from time to time we have some good times like this who makes us happy as well. We will remember this bachelorette party for many years to come. We would like to thank Natasha and Veronique for the good time haha.


See you around


Diesel and  Texas