Last weekend we were asked about providing Arnprior strippers for a barn party. As usual, we always make sure we can fulfill our customer’s request and we agreed to sent two male strippers dressed in cowboy outfits. Max and Hercules decided to go as they were available and like to travel together when possible. On Saturday night, they dressed up and took the drive up there to the little town of Arnprior. It is quite a remote location and they weren’t sure what to expect.

Upon their arrival they were greeted by Gretta who was dressed in a sexy cowgirl outfit. She told them that it was going to be a wild party and they needed some cowboys to keep everything. The party was a divorce party and they wanted some good entertainment as a result of that. Arnprior strippers are requested from time to time and it is always a pleasure for us to send our dancers there.

When Max and Hercules entered the barn, there was about 30 girls all topless with cowboys hat on. I am sure they didn’t mind it at all. The theme was sexy and naughty barn. The girls had set up some strip poker to play with the boys. For them it wasn’t the usual stripping routine. It was about having a good time and playing some sexy games with the girls. As the party went on more and more clothes came off. It was their first time doing a divorce party and they told me that despite being unusual, it was quite some fun and the ladies were really hot.

As Arnprior strippers, you never know what will be ask or throw your way, but at Exotic Temptation, our male strippers always adapt and go with the flow. This barn party was definitely something they will remember for a long time.