At Exotic Temptation we have the best bachelorette Male strippers Ottawa. My name is Lincoln and I have been doing private shows for the ladies since 2015. Working with Exotic Temptation has been a great pleasure and experience for me. The company is very professional and their goal was to create the male stripper experience in the comfort of your own location.

As one of the bachelorette male strippers Ottawa, it is always our goal to provide a tailored experience to our customers and to make sure that every bachelorette party is a great and fun success. My job requires of me that I work out constantly and keep a great looking appearance. As a male stripper, I enjoy going to different shows and providing a great adult entertainment.

If you are planning a bachelorette party in the Ottawa-Gatineau Region, Exotic Temptation should be your first choice. You get to have a professional male stripper disguise in the costume of your choice, come to your location. This means that you can invite all your girls over for the party and just sit back relax and make your own drinks and the company will take care of providing the entertainment. The male strippers come with their speakers and playlist as well.

The Benefits of these kind of party is that you get to do what you want. It happens in a private setting therefore there is no club rules or annoying bouncers or waitresses and you can have as much fun as you dare to have. We do provide conservative shows for the shy ladies as well.

Exotic Temptation is owned by two ex strippers with over 25 years of experience in the field. They run the business with a stripper mindset and they have done enough shows in their life to know what is asked and required at these type of events. Put your trust in the company and they will make sure you are satisfied.


Exotic Temptation male stripper