At Exotic Temptation it is always our pleasure to help you organize a bachelorette Ottawa party. Our company is a local stripper company and we specialize ourselves in events at home, hotel, airbnb’s, cottages and many more venues.

Exotic Temptation was created by ex male strippers with one goal in mind; to create a unique and tailored experience at home with male strippers. We have been in business for 25 years and we have done many bachelorette Ottawa parties and other events. With Exotic Temptation, you get to have one or more sexy male strippers come to your location and they will perform stripteases and dances for all you beautiful ladies.

It is a unique way to reproduce the male strip club experience in your own environment. We are the pro’s when it comes to create unique bachelorette parties that will be worth remembering for many years to come. Our male strippers and exotic dancers comes with the uniform of your choice. They bring their own music and playlist and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy. You are allowed to touch him as long as it is respectful. The dancer will strip down more and more as song goes by. By the end, based on your group’s level of comfort, he will reveal his bum or he might go full naked for a tip.

Our male strippers work with your group to provide a tailored experience to your specific taste and requests. It can be as wild as you want or as conservative as you wish. Our strippers are very professional and respectful. Nothing will happen that you haven’t wished for yourselves.

If you are interested in having a fun and entertaining bachelorette Ottawa party, don’t hesitate to contact Mike or Trevor at 819-431-2355. It will be their pleasure to assist you to create a memorable night for all your girlfriends.

The Exotic Temptation Team