It was another Friday night and our male strippers from Gatineau were getting ready for a few shows. First on the list was this a bachelorette party in Gatineau. Tyler and Max were getting ready with firefighters uniforms. Meanwhile, our male strippers, Aston and TJ were on their way to Ottawa to attend a birthday party.


Max and tyler arrived at the bachelorette and started the party right away. They stripped down to their boxers to the sexy song of birthday sex by Jeremiah.All the girls were really into it, you could tell it was their first time with exotic dancers.


Aston and TJ had a different experience. They arrived at a birthday party with about 50 girls of mixed aged in the room. It was a bit overwhelming for them at first but since they are experienced, they managed the crowd accordingly. They gave attention to all the girls and moved around doing tricks and dancing of different women. It was a really great party overall.


The four of them then gathered together at an irish pub in Ottawa for a few drinks. They had to wait an hour before attending their next show which was in Kanata. It’s common for our exotic dancers to relax between show and enjoy some time together to talk and have fun. The four of them left for this show which was a four man show for a girl’s 50th birthday party.


As they arrived to this big mansion, they were received by Linda who was the organizer. She said it was Samantha’s birthday party and she recently got divorced. She said we could give her a good show and she wasn’t shy of good looking men.


The four of us, gave her our best shot and made sure she enjoyed the show to the max! This party was a lot of fun and this group of ladies surely knew how to have a good time. Let’s say that we might have saw a few pair of tits that surely had a lot of money into them.


As the night was reaching 1h00am, we left Kanata and headed for the Crazy Horse. It’s sort of a western bar that we like to go to when we are in this area. We finished the night there and met a few good looking ladies that we might call again 😉 .


The exotic temptation stripper team