Last Friday night, I invited my male stripper friend Kevin over at my house to get ready for this double Bachelorette at Chateau Frontenac in Ottawa. As you might not exactly know, being a male stripper requires us to go through a typical routine prior to every show. This include showering, shaving our whole body, doing our hair, picking our uniforms and putting them on and finishing it all off with our favorite fragrance. Our smell is very important when you dance and strip in close proximity of our customers.

While Kevin was spiking his hair with this new pomade he just bought, I was going through my boxer drawer to pick the best possible ones. We took a drink together which is our ritual every time we go dancing. We were listening to some music to put us in the mood and selecting our playlist for the night.

We got to Chateau Frontenac in Ottawa and met with Cindy who was the organizer of both Bachelorette Parties. We introduce ourselves as exotic dancers for the night and that we work for Exotic Temptation( ) . Kevin was dress into a firefighter uniform and I had the police one. You should of seen the look of the people in the lobby. They were asking us if there was a problem or is there was anything going on emergency wise. We laugh as we are use to this and told them we were strippers for a party of lovely ladies.

Cindy took us to the suite upstairs and went in to put our music on as we were getting ready to go into the room and get the party going. When we heard our music starting we opened the door and saw what was about 50 ladies packed into the room. The two bachelorette ladies were blindfolded on chairs excited to see what was coming for them. Kevin took one girl and I went on the other one. As we grabbed their hands and put them on our chest we could see they knew what was going on.

Then we proceed with lifting their blindfolds and you should of seen the look on their face, they were so excited it’s like they never had seen a guy before in their life. As we started taking our clothes off and stripteasing for them, I noticed that the girl I was dancing for had no panties. All I could see was this beautiful shaven pussy right in my face while I was trying to concentrate and perform to the best of my ability. I look at Kevin and he gave me a look that was saying do you see what I see. His girl had no panties as well. As we switched position and exchange girls, I confirmed what Kevin was seeing as well. Wow, what a distraction. Sometimes we wonder if they do it on purpose to tease us or they like the comfort of not wearing any panties. None of the less, they were beautiful ladies that certainly deserved all our attention. We were paid to do so after all.

As we ended up in boxers, the girls were getting tipsy and trying to put our boxers down. Ladies, ladies, ladies eh, haha they are always in for a good time. As we were showing our ass, you could feel them adding money into our waistband indicating they had a good time and wanted more. We ended up going for private dances with the ladies and let’s just say that what goes on in there stays in there. We wrapped it up and thanked the girls for what an awesome crowd they were. Kevin and I ended up going downtown afterwards as we were still in a party mood and just wanted to hang out and have fun in the byward market. We might be strippers, but we are still regular guys who like to enjoy a good time in good company.

Justin and Kevin