Are you planning a bachelorette party Ottawa? Well no perfect bachelorette party would be complete without the appearance of a male stripper or two. This is where Exotic Temptation steps in. As you know, there is no longer any male strip club in Ottawa-Gatineau area. The licence was revoke for reasons we don’t know, however we recruited all the performers and dancers in the region and decided we would offer you girls a solution.

This is when Exotic Temptation was created, offering the male strip club experience in the comfort of your home. Not only was this a success from the start, it is also a lot more fun. You get to have your own private party in the comfort of your house, airbnb rental, hotel, cottage, or simply a venue.

Going about it this way ensures that you save up on a lot of cost. Firstly setting up cabs or transportation to a club. After that there would be the alcohol cost and cover charge. Then you get to try to be assigned at a spot that is not exclusive to you girls. With us there is none of that. We come to your location with speakers and music. The male strippers dressed up in the costumes that you desire and they show up to your place as a surprise. From there they start performing a show for the whole group while mainly focusing on the bride. As the music goes, they remove clothes and reveal their sculpted bodies. At the end of the performance, they offer to take pictures with the girls and will offer private dances in a secluded room which will act as a champagne room. In there, the girls will be able to have one on one private dances if they wish to at the cost of 20$ for 2-3 songs. This act as well as a way for the male strippers to get some tips since they pay an amount to the company.

If you are interested in hosting a bachelorette party Ottawa, it will be our pleasure to help you out with all the details. Our booking managers Trevor and Mike are ex male strippers and understand the girls and how it works.

Please call 819-431-2355 for booking or inquireries. You can also submit your request by email at

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