Hey ladies, with the 281 closings it’s a door, are you looking for the best Montreal male strippers? Well, look no further because we bring the strip club experience right to your door. If you are hosting a bachelorette party, a girl’s night, a party at home, a birthday, a divorce party, or any other party that requires our services, we are ready! We have the most beautiful and best male strippers in the Montreal area. Our company has been in business since 1989, and we are owned and operated by ex male strippers. With our company, we bring the experience at home to cottages, houses, apartments, Airbnb rentals, condos, and any other approved location.

With Exotic Temptation, you get to let us know what type of guy you want and then based on your date and desired time, we match you with a guy that hits your criteria’s. Then you get to pick the uniform of your choice and they come to you with their music system and playlist. They also bring some props and games to make it interesting for all the ladies and get people to participate.

In our experience, all our customers have enjoyed having male strippers at home more than going to a club. It is a private experience with nobody else than you and your group of ladies. This also means that you don’t need transportation and everyone can relax. You can make your own drinks as well which saves you on a lot of costs. You basically only pays for the stripper’s services and by having a private party, this means that it can be as wild or as conservative as desired. With Exotic Temptation, what happens at your event stays at your event. We have done over 50 000 shows at home now and our strippers are quite experienced with a crowd and comfortable in any group setting. Shy or Wild, we do any type of shows that our customers are requesting and always work with them to provide an experience that was to their taste.

If you are interested in planning your next event with us, please call 819-431-2355 or visit our contact page info at https://exotictemptation.ca/contact-us/ or our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/temptationstripp/