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Why would you want strippers to come to you instead of going to a strip club?

  • Because our costs are group prices instead of having to pay individually for the stripper’s services
  • Because you can buy your own booze and make your own drinks, which saves you tons of cash
  • Because you get to have a private experience with your guests only instead of having to be around other patrons
  • Because your party can be as wild or as conservative as desired
  • Because you don’t have to commute anywhere and people can have as much fun as desired without the risk of encountering cops or having to deal with the authorities
  • Because who doesn’t like a house party with strippers
  • Because they come to you which makes it easy and convenient(Airbnb, Hotels, Condos, Houses, apartments, cottages, we do them all)

With all of these benefits, you can quickly see why ordering the best strippers in Montreal can be a great idea for your next boy’s night, girl’s night, bachelorette party, birthday party, bachelor party, or just simply any party that requires stripper services. We have been in business since 1989 so you can rest assured that our company knows how to deliver an outstanding event. If you are interested in hosting the most memorable event you can host with strippers at home, our company will make sure you have an amazing time.

Call us at 819-431-2355 to book your next event and talk with our managers about your party needs. You can check our service page at https://exotictemptation.ca/services/ or our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/temptationstripp