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Exotic Temptation was created based on increased demand for at-home services that boom in the late 80’s beginning 90’s. If you look today every services available can come to you nowadays. From veterinarian to doctors, to tire change services, massage, groceries and much more. You can now order anything to come to you. Well, Exotic Temptation is an at-home service of male and female strippers and we provide the best adult entertainment since 1989. Our goal is to bring the strip club experience to your house. This way you save on transportation, cover charges, expansive drink fees, bouncers tips, waitresses tips, etc… With your usual strip club, the cost and money for everything never stop and it’s not even a private experience.

Exotic Temptation and Exotic Divas brings the club to you and you save on a lot of costs. The only thing you have to pay for is the service of the strippers which you would pay anyways at your usual strip club. The good thing is that our cost is a group price and not per customer based like a club. Our managers are ex strippers themselves and understand the industry. We do bachelor parties, bachelorette, birthdays, boys or girls night, Christmas parties, corporate events, and special venues shows, as well as anything else that is approved by the company. If you are looking for the best strippers in Ottawa for your next event, please give our company a call to help organize your event at 819-431-2355.

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Best strippers in Ottawa

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