At Exotic Temptation, we created a division of buff butlers for all your party needs. We have bachelorette party butlers for all your event this summer. We went ahead and hired guys that have been doing this kind of service for many years. Our goal is to offer you a tailored experience to your expectations while beating the price of the competition with the same professional service. We have already established our company has the number one male stripper company in the region and we are aiming at doing the same with our butler service.

Hiring a butler at exotic temptation means that you will received a sexy good looking man at your home or any other location and he will be serving your drinks to your guess while wearing nothing else than an apron to cover his genitals and a bow tie to match the style. They are part waiter par entertainer and they know how to spice up a party. Our bachelorette butlers come with music and playlist as well if you need any. You get to have them for an hour or more and the price is 200$ per hour which is already the best price you will find around and we beat the competition.

Exotic Temptation is an established business who provides exotic dancers and waiters at home. We have been in business for 25 years and we keep expanding in other cities as well. Our butlers have previous bar tending experience and they are fit and good looking. Our buff butlers will make sure you get a memorable night and have plenty of fun playing drinking games and taking all sort of pictures and videos for your memories. All our butlers are quite sociable and love to entertain and spend time around a group of ladies. By Choosing our company, you can ensure that you will get a great professional service of exotic butlers and a trust-able and reputable company to back up our services. Better yet you can order our combo of a male stripper and a butler for one wild party. Feel free to contact our booking managers for any buff butler request and we will work with you to make it happen. Call Mike or Ashley at 819-431-2355. You can send us an email as well to