Are you in a relationship and you want to spice things up, our couple fantasy package is exactly what you need. After being in a relationship for quite some time or just out of plain excitement, it is normal to seek ways to spice things up between each other and in the bedroom. At exotic temptation, our team of professional strippers understands that. Our couple fantasy package offers a male and a female stripper that will come to your home and put on a sexy show when they will touch and tease each other for you to watch and perhaps maybe participate to a certain degree.

You will be able to order the kind of outfits you want them to wear and they will come have some fun and turn on and excite you guys. This stripper package is a way to bring the strip club of both gender to your own home and have some fun with your partner watching and playing in the privacy of your house. Our professional strippers will adapt the show to your own level of comfort and they will make to leave both of you satisfied and comfortable.

This kind of package has been extremely popular since the last two years and we have brought back the sparks in many relationships that were looking to experiment outside their comfort zone while remaining professional and courteous of their boundaries. You can talk with our manager Ashley and Mike and they will put you in contact with our dancers that do this together and they will be able to make something work for you.

This kind of experience is a fun way to bring some excitement for birthdays, Saint-Valentine’s day, Christmas, special year anniversary or just out of planning an exciting night of fun at home with your spouse or husband. Our professional couple fantasy package is for couples only.

Let us bring the naughtiness into your home and spark back the flame between the two of you.