Hi ladies, this is Tj, one of the exotic dancer at Exotic Temptation. I have another story to tell you as I always find myself in sexual situations pretty much every time I strip. So last Saturday, this party up in Gatineau requested an exotic dancer for an hour. I got contacted by Exotic Temptation and agreed to do it as usual.

I had to dress in a spider man outfit for this one which was an unusual request. The type of request I like haha. So I went to this costume place in Ottawa which I had several uniforms from before. I found what I needed and left with this funny spider man outfit. Being an exotic dancer requires you to dress as whatever is requested from time to time.

On Saturday night before the show, I was getting ready as usual and putting on my best everything except this stupid outfit I had to wear. As I was driving to the party I got pulled over by the cops and this cop was actually a cute new recruit who was wearing her uniform way better than I was. She asked me what I was doing going fast and wearing a spider man outfit. I told her I was an exotic dancer and that I was going to a party to perform. She laughed and gave me her number saying maybe I could be her spider man one night. This definitely turned out better than I thought.

I finally arrived at this party, when I got in everybody was wearing super hero outfits and the plan was for me to blend it until last minute and start stripping for this girl’s birthday. The birthday girl had this beautiful cat women outfit made of fake leather. All I could see what her curves through her outfit and wow what an ass she had. I was already horny as usual.

At some point, Vanessa started some of my songs and I grabbed the birthday girl and sat her on the couch. I started stripping for her and she was so excited. It took her a second to grab my butt and play with it. She was definitely into this. As we locked eyes, I could see that she was thinking the same as me. While I was dancing up close on her she started rubbing my cock thru my boxers. My cock was already hard from just thinking of banging her. Nobody saw that and everything was happening between us. It like we were alone in the room in our head.

Things were heating up between me and Cynthia and I had to put an end to the show as I was still working for Exotic Temptation and I don’t mix business with pleasure. As I was getting dressed up, I grabbed her close and whispered to her ears: Follow me sexy, I have a special surprise for you upstairs. We when up and found a quiet place to hide together. She pushed me onto the wall as soon as I turned towards her and we started kissing intensively.

My cock was so hard it was hurting and all I wanted was to get it inside of her. She dropped to her knees and started giving me head. She was really good at it and I was impressed. I then flipped her around and put her hands on the wall while I was putting a condom on and entering her from behind. I could feel how ready she was for this. We had intense sex and wow was it a pleasure for both of us. I think that at that very moment, that’s really what we needed. What a great night.