A day as an exotic dancer usually starts at around 6h00am with 30 minutes to an hour of cardio work. Then it’s time for a good protein breakfast to fuel the muscles and start the day right. Usually egg whites and oatmeal with a black coffee.


After that it is time to get going to the gym for another hour of muscle building. We usually get a 24hour gym membership as to be able to go train once to twice a day. It is hard work to be an exotic dancer. It is kind of a lifestyle that you have to like because it’s not always a lot of fun.


We like to get together with other exotic dancer so that we can all hang out together and workout. After the gym it’s time for another protein meal like a chicken breast and veggies. Our drinks is usually water only or perrier water with lime. We like to keep our diets as simple and as lean as possible to keep our bodies looking great.


After lunch, we usually like to hit the beach and relax. That allows to work on our tan and keep our stress level low as to prevent the rise in cortisol hormone which leads to fat gains. We sometimes play football or volleyball with the ladies if there is some on the beach. Some of us are into kite surfing so we do that as well.


At around 4h00pm it is nap time to relax and recharge for the shows that goes on all night. We then have another great protein dinner, usually steaks with veggies or any other kind of meat. After that, it’s time to shower again, shave and do our hair for our upcoming shows. We usually like to get a drink or two going before the night and our favorite is vodka soda with lime as it keeps you lean and it’s low in calories.


We usually have two to three shows and sometimes four in one night. So after all that great fun with the ladies, we hit the sack and repeat the process the next day. Once in awhile we get all together and go out for a night of pure fun or our own. It is important for us to keep a balance between work and pleasure. And as you know pleasure is surely something you know how to do haha.


The exotic dancer’s team