Hi my name is Raven and I am an exotic dancer for exotic divas, the best female strippers Gatineau. I have been dancing for 10 years now and when I moved to Gatineau I reached out to Exotic Divas to start working for them. Coming here was a big change for me has I had to learn french and start a new life. It’s been challenging but I met Ashley at Exotic Divas and she got me a job with the company has a female stripper for at home parties.

The concept of Exotic Divas is to provide the best female strippers Gatineau to their customers. I met the most beautiful women at the training site and worked with tons of them to do duo shows and bisexual stripping show to private homes. The business moto is to provide a tailored experience to the desires of the customers so that they can enjoy a private stripper in their home or at their location. With Exotic Divas, we have been stripping for birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate events or private summer parties at cottage. The female strippers I worked with are all very experience and sooooooo sexy I want to kiss them.

Ashley Holiday is the manager for the female division and she is one fun and gorgeous woman. She knows how to provide the best shows to the customers and pick the right girl for the right request every single time. This company is great and if you guys are looking for the best female strippers Gatineau has to offered for your private events, don’t hesitate to contact Exotic Divas at 819-431-2355 or by gmail at exoticdivasxxx@gmail.com

They are currently working on expanding the website to have a beautiful section for the women strippers and it will be easier to book through there. Ashley told me that they are actively recruiting more strippers from the area as the demand has increased a lot from last year for private shows and events.

See you around

Raven xoox