At Exotic Divas, we provide the best topless waitress Ottawa and Gatineau. We have been asked in the past few years to provide sexy ladies for private events for rich men. We were asked to provide topless waitresses who would only have to walk bare chest and serve drinks throughout the night for a price plus tips. It became a service after many demands and we went ahead and created a division at exotic divas of real waitresses with bartending skills who will serve topless in a private setting.

We are actively recruiting the most beautiful woman with nice breast and bartending skills to attend to private events and serve the guesses there. We ask that you are comfortable with yourself and of course showing your breast around in private homes or parties while serving drinks in a professional manner. You need to have bartending experience and this is not about stripping or doing anything else for the customers than to serve them drinks topless. You are required to provide us a resume and work experience as well as pictures showing your whole body and face topless so we can review and recruit you if you fit our requirements. We ask from you that you are sociable and open minded. We take this position seriously as we will screen our clientele and offer those services to only respectful and wealthy individuals.

We are creating a professional service and we want our clientele to respect that and treat our waitresses in the most respectful manner. You are providing them something pleasant to look at while getting their drinks and enjoying themselves in the company of their guess. We created the first ever and the best topless waitress service in Ottawa and Gatineau. We are looking for ladies this summer as we will have many request in this regards for private events in people’s home or any other approved location screened by our managers.

Summit your resume to or contact Ashley Holiday at 819-431-2355