At Exotic Divas, we have exotic female dancers Ottawa and Gatineau available to perform shows at home, cottages, hotel rooms or any other approved location. Exotic Divas was created this year by Ashley Holiday, ex female stripper with over 15 years in the business. Ashley has been a stripper at many clubs around the world and came back to her roots in Ottawa. She joined Exotic Temptation and together they created Exotic Divas. This is our new female division to provide at home shows for bachelor party, birthday party, boys night out, weekend get away parties, or any other type of event that require our at home services.

Ashley understood that clubs are expansive, paying for the girls, admission fee, transportation, drinks, bathroom guy and all other fees associated with a strip club can rack up the cost of a fun night. With our formula you get to have a female stripper or two, come to your location and strip and perform for you and your guess to enjoy. This guarantees that nobody needs to drive and that you can even have your own drinks and there is no bouncer to harass you or tell you how to behave.

Our Exotic female dancers Ottawa, have been selected by Ashley for their personalities, beauty, work experience, level of comfort with a crowd and their honesty and desire to please. At Exotic Divas, our goal is to have the best established business and most reputable one in all of Ottawa-Gatineau in terms of adult entertainment at home. If you are interested in booking stripper services for any type of event that you would like, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 819-431-2355 and it will be our pleasure to make your events a fun, sexy, naughty and memorable one. We have exotic female dancers Ottawa waiting for you right now!

Ashley Holiday
Manager at Exotic Divas