Exotic Divas is a professional stripper service that offers exotic female strippers for house parties. We have been specializing in adult entertainment at home since 1989. Our business is owned and operated by ex male and female strippers with over 30 years of experience. Our managers work with the customers to ensure that you guys get the experience you deserve. We have been doing bachelor parties, birthday parties, boys nights, divorce parties, private parties, hotel parties, cottages parties and many more events that required our services.

Exotic Divas bring the strip club experience to you. It is an amazing way to host a party and have a good time without the usual stress and overprice drinks that you have to pay at a strip club. With us, you get to host your own party and have an amazing experience. On top of that we offer one price that includes only the stripper service and this price can be split between all the guys present. This means that overall you will get a private experience that will be worth your while. You will have your own party and strip club at your location. There isn’t any better way than this to have an amazing event. Our strippers are all professional strippers from the club scene and were recruited based on their looks, personalities and entertainment skills with a group of people.

Exotic Divas has the best Exotic Female Strippers for house parties of all kinds. If you are interested in having your own strip club experience in the comfort of your private environment with your friends, well look no further and contact us at 819-431-2355.

You can also visit our contact form page here https://exotictemptation.ca/contact-us/

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It will be our manager’s pleasure to see how our services of professional strippers or exotic topless waitresses can fit in your next event.