Hi there my name is Jax and I am an exotic male dancers strippers for Exotic Temptation. I went to Mont-Tremblant this weekend to perform in this mix crowd bachelorette-bachelor party for a young couple. This was kind of a first for me, to perform for the bride while our female stripper Tania was performing for the groom. It was a very different kind of party, yet it was a lot of fun as we both work together to please the crowd of guys and girls.

There was about 50 people at that party. Tania and I entered in the airbnb dressed as cowboy and cowgirl. We both started stripping down to this song called Save a horse ride a cowboy. As we worked the crowd and focus on the bride and groom, the groom told Tania that he wanted her and I to strip down for the bride Vanessa and to give her lap dances. So we agreed and made sure to give her the sexiest dance we could do. We worked in tandem alternating who was behind Vanessa and who was in front. The crowd responded very well and they enjoyed every single minutes of the show.

The airbnb had a pool and they decided that they would all go in for a naked swim. They invited us to join in after we were done working and we agreed to it. Being an Exotic male dancers strippers comes with a lot of fun times. This party was one of them. The crowd was all in their mid thirties and they wanted to have a blast. Exotic Temptation is a great company to work for and they provide tailored experiences at home involving male or female strippers for all your party needs.

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