At Exotic Temptation, our exotic male dancers come from various walk of life and areas. We do have some

strippers available in the Ottawa Region as well as in Gatineau. Our company was created by retired exotic male

dancers Alex and Mike, who performed in various location around the world as well as many male strip clubs. It is

our duty to do our best to offer bilingual strippers.


When we created the company, we wanted to offer a service that could be accessible at home, hotel room or various

locations. It was important for us to have male strippers that would be french and could go to Gatineau as well.

Alex and I, took the time to hire young local talent and train them to be able to create memorable parties and events

for our customers. We strive to get exotic male dancers that are comfortable in social settings and love to have a good



When we hire strippers, we usually go with them to a show or two to throw them right on the spot. We like to

observe how they act socially and how comfortable they are. We are always confident that our exotic male dancers

will be polite and offer a show that goes as wild as the customer wishes. It is after all why our customers order

male strippers from Gatineau or Ottawa on site.


Our exotic male dancers from Gatineau are know to be party boys who love to have fun and throw good parties.

They can come to any locations within reasonable distance and they will dress or undress the way you want them too.

Our male strippers gatineau, are usually in big demand during the summer months. For booking please visit our

booking section on the website and we will be more than happy to send a stripper your way for some exciting fun.


Alex and Mike