As exotic male strippers, sometimes we like to get away and go work and have fun in the United States. Last month, Kyle, Lincoln, Max and I decided to go to Las Vegas for the first time and

experience what this sin city has to offer. I remember it was a Friday night around a couple of beers that we said, let’s go to Vegas. All of the boys were in and we decided to look for plane tickets.

Going to Vegas with the plane included and hotel room is always cheap online. We found a great deal on four tickets and booked right away. Being exotic male strippers, we have the luxury to

decide when we take vacation and when we work. Las Vegas is full of strippers and nightclubs and we decided to try to work there and see what kind of experience and memories we could make

out of it.


First thing first, we had to bring our uniforms and fit a few of our best ones in our luggage. We brought the usual stripping uniform and got our vacation summer clothes packed in as well. Monday

morning came and we got to the Ottawa airport. Our first stop was the bar of course and we had a few drinks while waiting to catch our plane. As male strippers, our drink of choice has always

been the vodka soda. It has low calories and tend to keep you fit no mater how many you drink. We then boarded the plane and it was time to fly away to sin city.


Upon arrival, you could feel the heat that this desert city has to offer. It was hot and nice out. The city is built right in the middle of nowhere. You see the big towers and hotel chains all over the

place. At the cosmopolitan hotel  while waiting in line to check in, we met those chicks who were there for a bachelorette party. Over a few talk we introduced ourselves as exotic male strippers

from Canada. They were quite excited and asked if we were performing anywhere that they could attend. We told them our specialty is doing parties right in the hotel room which they got even

more excited about. We exchange numbers and Helen told us she would call us later that week to organize a surprise for the bride. We thought wow already a possible contract and we didn’t work

hard at it. As male strippers, we kind of have that look that girls recognize when they see us. We are usually ask if we are fitness athletes, bodybuilders, exotic dancers, etc…. A bunch of tattooed

guys walking around with tank tops and good haircuts always get noticed.


We met a promoter in the hallway and he told us to come upstairs to the pool party that afternoon. We thought cool there is a pool party right in our hotel upstairs. Las Vegas doesn’t do pool

parties like us at home. It is usually a known DJ that provides the music and tons of topless chicks with plenty of gorgeous people dancing and drinking all around the place. We were totally ok

with this and enjoyed an awesome afternoon among us boys. We met a lot of people and this girl approach us saying we were really great looking and what we were doing in life. We told her we

were exotic male strippers and she offered us to put us in contact with her friend Emily who was a manager for a male strip club. So we called Emily and on Friday night we got to a club which I

won’t mention the name to keep their privacy for security reasons. As simple as that, we were now exotic male dancers in Las Vegas for the whole weekend.


We thought this would be awesome to make some spending us money. The club was amazing and the crowd very pleasant to work with. We put on a show all of us together and they really liked it.

I don’t know if it’s because they knew we were from Canada or not, but that weekend, we had a lot of fun with the girls and I even got my first threesome ever. Vegas is definitely a sin city haha.

We the money we made we decided to rent Ferrari’s and go for a ride around town and on the highways. It was such a blast! Las vegas is a city full of sins, strippers, escorts, parties, drinks,

events, shows and clubs. It is definitely a place everyone should visit at least once in their life. It is very different from anything you know. We came back home to reality and wish we would of

stayed there for another week. Oh well every good thing has to come to an end one day. As exotic male strippers we get to have an experience all sort of things. We will keep you posted.