Hi my name is Lincoln and I am an exotic stripper. Last Wednesday, my female friend told me that I should try doing yoga with her. She said that I would love seeing women in lulu lemon pants with their ass up in the air sweating their life. That’s all it took to convince me to try. Yes I am such a guy haha.


So when Wednesday came, she called me and told me tonight is the night you are trying hot yoga. I told her should I wear spandex or a thing and we both laughed. As an exotic stripper, we usually don’t take life too seriously. She told me I would love it and a lot of male strippers and exotic female dancers do it for flexibility.


We got to yoga place and by seeing all those beautiful woman with revealing pants and sport’s bras, I knew it was going to be fun. As we got into the hot room, I could already notice that the girls were asking my friend if I was single. We started doing some lights stretches and this was like soft porn to me. All I could see was nice asses, titties in cleavage and sweaty soft female skin all over the place.


We then got into the real poses. My favorite one was downward facing dog. Basically, It’s a doggy style but on your feet and hands. No knees on the ground. I was the only guy in the room so all I could see was asses in the air. And there was a lot of nice young asses in here. Ok enough with my horniness.


As time was passing by, I was sweating more and more and getting into this relaxed state. I started feeling so good, it was incredible. I would definitely recommend this to all my stripper friends and single friends as well haha. It is a great workout and something I will start implementing into my regular workout routine.


I left the yoga place with a phone number from this cute brunette who had such an amazing body. I could already imagine myself banging her in that downward facing dog position haha. So I give yoga a 10 out of 10 and you should definitely try it.