As exotic strippers, we try to meet the demands of our customers in any way possible. Last Saturday, a few of us strippers at Exotic Temptation, got contacted by the company to go to a birthday party. This party was different as it was an indoor pool party at a rich house in Rockcliffe, Ottawa. They organizer wanted male strippers to party and hang out with the girls in a private indoor pool in the house.


The requirements was that we were to not bring any swimwear. So we thought, being exotic strippers, we don’t need any as we are really comfortable with our bodies and being naked. We got to the house on Saturday, myself and two other strippers, and got received at the door by Suzan. She was happy to see us and you could tell she had been drinking for awhile already. She said come the ladies are all waiting for you in the pool.


This house was gorgeous and huge. We got to the pool and there they was music and a great party going on already. There was about 15 young beautiful ladies in in Brazilian thongs and reveling tops.  We thought this was going to be a wild and fun party. The girls looked at us and told us what are you guys waiting for. Get naked and jump in! This was definitely a first for us strippers. Getting paid just to hang out naked in a pool party with a bunch of beautiful ladies.


It took us two seconds to drop naked. The feeling of the fresh cool water on our bodies was amazing. We decided to play water polo against them and every time we would score a goal, one of the girls would remove her top. This job can definitely get interesting from time to time haha.


We were so motivated to score, we didn’t stop playing until all of the girls were topless. At that point, they decided to go all naked as well. We didn’t mind at all haha. This birthday party turned into a naked pool party and it was amazing! The rest of the night turned even more sexier, but this is at about were I will stop writing now haha. Have a good one.


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