Last weekend, Vinny and I(Jake) went to Mont Tremblant for some exotic stripping at a party. It was our first time in Mont Tremblant and what a great city that is to have a good time. This City is usually full of tourists and mostly run by hotels. Our party took place in a Hotel that had a Jacuzzi outside.

The plot was that the girls were outside together in the jacuzzi and we would join them pretending to be regular customers. We arrived at the Hotel and got down to our swim trunks. Vinny was all excited and ready to perform.

We went outside and headed for the jacuzzi. As male strippers, we always adapt to our environment. We saw the pack of gorgeous woman having a great time in one of the two jacuzzi. We directly just got in the jacuzzi without asking to join them and we started playing some music.

You could see the smile on their face as two fit men just got in the water with them with music on. Vinny and I started talking together and acted like the female presence wasn’t even noticed by us. One of the girl ask us where we were from and what we were doing at Mont Tremblant.

We told them we worked in the adult entertainment business and we were there for work but just enjoying ourselves at the moment. So they ask us if they could see what we do. Cindy the girl who organised the party was playing dumb and just winked at us discretely. The girls in there were just beautiful with their sexy bodies and big breast all over the place. Vinny cranked the music and got in the middle of the jacuzzi to start dancing slowly while the girls started cheering and got into it.

I decided to join him and do some exotic stripping of my own as well in the middle. The girls were just getting all horny and into the party. We had a back pack with drinks so we took them out and started to do shots with them. The whole point was to pretend this party wasn’t organised at all and all of this happened by chance for them.

At some point we decided to take our swimwear totally off and got the party really going for them. They invited us back to their room and we continued to party there with them. Since they were really cool and we were enjoying ourselves, we decided to stay there the night and rent a room nearby theirs and went out to a small club in the village. Being exotic male dancers as it’s perk and benefits from time to time, and partying is certainly something you get from this lifestyle if you decide to participate.

Exotic stripping is something we enjoy very much at Exotic Temptation and it is our duty to make events fun and unforgettable for our customers. See you around maybe.


Vinny and Jake