Finding love as a stripper, is it possible? Do male strippers have girlfriends. This article is somehow different and it is a question that our dancers get asked regularly. Today we will answer this question in details.

So how hard is it to find love when you’re a male stripper and is it possible. Exotic male dancers are regular guys like every other guy but they tend to be a little more open minded and comfortable with sexuality and exhibiting their bodies as a job.

Usually girls to tend to fall in love with them from time to time either within the industry or outside of it. They are fun guys that like to hangout and have a lower stress level and take life less seriously. It makes them likeable persons and they usually exhibit a certain amount of confidence in themselves. They are often around women and they are comfortable talking and entertaining them. They are social individuals in nature.

Throughout my ex career as an exotic male dancer, I had a few girlfriends. The funniest thing is always when they find out all of your costumes in the closet. It doesn’t take them long to figure it out. I always been open and honest about what I do as a living and what I found it is it usually doesn’t bother them at first and some of them even like it and find it exciting. They are curious about it and want to know a lot about it. But after awhile they try to get you to stop because they build an insecurity towards having you around woman quite often.

From experience, the only way to sustain a relationship when you are a male stripper is to be honest about everything and explaining it all in details to your girlfriend. It requires her to be open minded as well and not overly jealous. Usually male strippers hook up with people in the same field of work. I knew this couple in Montreal that were both strippers and were doing very well as a couple in all aspect of their life. They were traveling around and making money and enjoying their life to the fullest.

Girls tend to think that male strippers are probably cheaters and can’t have a normal healthy relationship but that is purely untruth. A strong relationship comes from communication, trust, respect and compatibility. It doesn’t matter what you do in life or where you are and trying to control someone from doing something or controlling aspect of their life is not the way to build a strong lasting relationship.

Myself, I have the best relationship ever with this girl who I met while I was dancing. She’s been there for me through all this time and it came with it’s up and downs for sure, but it grew us stronger as a couple and we had a lot of good times and created memories together. We are still together today and she is the love of my life. She is truly my little angel and she makes me smile everyday with her little cute petite face and beautiful eyes. I wouldn’t exchange her for anything in the world.

So to answer this question to all of you girls out there, it is possible to have a relationship as a male stripper and I know that from experience. If you think your relationship is not on point just focus on communication, trust and respect. Those are the lasting lifelong elements that makes a couple strong.


Mike-Manager at Exotic Temptation