This is a funny stripper story that happened to me not too long ago. So that Friday night I was getting ready for a special birthday party. My uniform was to be military. As a stripper, you always have to be appealing to your customer. That requires you to be on your best everything.

I was pouring my favorite diet drink which is vodka soda and prepping myself mentally for a great show. As I was driving there, I was listening to my playlist and adjusting some songs. I then arrived at this big house in Gatineau and got received by Maria. She asked me if I was the stripper for the night and I said yes.

She brought me and the show started right away. I went in the living room where about 20 girls were sitting all over the room. As a stripper, I knew the girl to dance for was the one in the middle of the room on the chair. I got close to her and smiled. She was quite happy to see me.

As I was stripping down to my underwear, I decided to go naked under this towel I brought. I wrapped it around me while dancing and then slid my boxers down my legs which got the girls excited. They knew that I was naked underneath and the anticipation of seeing something was keeping them on the edge of their seat.

One of the things I like to do is to stand up on the chair and open the towel so that only the birthday girl can see everything. Makes it kind of special and fun for her to have this little moment with the stripper. So I got up on the chair and the girls were cheering pretty loudly. As I open the towel to reveal everything to the birthday girl, I hear a CRACK!

The chair broke and I lost the towel while falling down which resulted in my penis landing right on the girl’s mouth while she ended up on the ground on her back. I was kind of embarrassed but the girls cheered and said leave it there, let her have a taste. So I did and let’s just say that it turned out to be a way better night than I thought after the show. Next time I will make sure the chair is solid though.