My name is Kevin and I am part of Exotic Temptation Gatineau strippers. I have been dancing for 6 years now. I started being a male stripper because I enjoyed being naked and loved performing for ladies and getting attention. As a young kid, my mom left me with my dad at a very young age and it always left me with this desire to be wanted by women. Being a male strippers allows you to get plenty of attention while pleasing and performing for the ladies. For me, this job was the perfect fit and I have never been looking back ever since I started.

I joined Exotic Temptation because they were allowing me to provide me own hours and do shows whenever I wanted. This formula of having male strippers at home is really the best thing women could ask. It provides some exotic male entertainment in private and allows you to throw your own party in the comfort of your home. With Exotic Temptation, you have nothing to do but to order gatineau strippers. The company has been around for over 25 years and they are the most reputable and most established business in male stripping in all of Gatineau and Ottawa.

The boys at Exotic Temptation are all very friendly and open minded. I have done shows with many of them and every single time, it was a blast. Most of our services involve exotic dancing and we even have some butlers if you are looking for something softer while still being sexy. Exotic Temptation strive on success an the managers there are all ex male strippers with many years of experience in the field. If you are interested in having a great party, exotic temptation is the company to call.

If you want a sexy male stripper tonight, call the General Manager Mike at 819-431-2355 and it will be a pleasure for one of the boys to come and attend to your needs.



Male Stripper at Exotic Temptation