At exotic temptation we offer gogo boy for the LGBT community. We do like to party with gays and lesbians as they are usually a lot of fun and not shy at all. My name is Anthony and last weekend I had a blast stripping for this great group of guys on a private island in Ontario.


They rented a cottage and wanted a gogo boy to strip for this guy’s birthday party. I arrived to destination and got welcomed by Simon. He was very nice to me and invited me to have a few drinks with the guys. I felt like I was hanging out with a group of buddies and all they wanted to do at first was to chat and have drinks with me. As a gogo boy, sometimes it can be intimidating to arrive to a remote location with people you don’t know. They made me feel like at home and we were waiting on the birthday boy so that I could pretend to be a friend and surprise him with a dance.


When Emmanuel(the birthday boy) arrived, he got in and we all sang happy birthday to him. He came to me at some point introducing himself and asking who I was. I said I was a good friend of Simon and got invited to this party. As we sat comfortably on the couch, The music started and I got up right in front of Emmanuel. I started moving to the sound of the music and strip down to my tight briefs. They were quite revealing and you could see my whole package right thru them.


Emmanuel got really excited and kept saying how good of a party this was and that he never expected that at all. After dancing for a good 30 minutes for the whole room, they all invited me to stay and have a great dinner with them. What a cool bunch of guys. When then headed out to a fire pit and had a few beers while at looking this beautiful lake. They were quite awesome and it was my first time dancing for a gay crowd.