Hi ladies, my name is Lincoln and this weekend me and another dancer Max, have been really busy as party strippers pleasing the women for different events. This Saturday, we were called to go entertain a party for a 40 year old birthday. We arrived at the scene and the ladies were all very nice and very beautiful.

We were dressed as a cop and a firefighter and we did our entry with our stereo system tuned to Pink let’s get the party started. The ladies were all in bikinis and they were ready to have a good time. Kim was the birthday girl and she was the funnest and wildest girl in the place. She wanted to play a strip game with cards which was a different kind of party for us party strippers.

We wanted them to be happy so we agreed and the whole game was that we were all picking a card and the one with the lowest card has to take a piece of clothing off. It just happened that Max and I always had the highest card so the girls ended up all naked before we even started to strip which was quite funny and ironic since we were the strippers.

Has the party went on with got naked as well and it turned out that we were doing body shots on each other and drinking games. This was a very fun and wild party for Max and I and it shows that older women know how to have fun. We all ended up in their Jacuzzi after the show and had a blast just having drinks talking to each other about various things in life and just enjoying ourselves with the ladies. It was quite hot and naughty and whatever happens at the show, stays at the show.


Lincoln and Max