At Exotic Temptation we’ve create a hot and naughty service of strippers for couples. The goal of this service is to provide a male and female stripper to come to your location and do a hot and naughty show for you as a couple. Our strippers will get you turned on and will put on a show that will bring back the spark between you as a couple. This service of strippers for couples as been more and more asked from us in the past two years and I think couples are getting more open minded about doing things to arouse and keep themselves entertained within their relationship and their boundaries.

We decided to offer this service and all the couples that have used it really appreciated it. Our duo of male and female strippers come to your home and they will provide a sexy striptease for both of you to enjoy. The female might dance for the man or woman and the man will dance for the woman and the strippers will undress each other slowly while performing an erotic dance for you to watch and enjoy. Touching is permitted as long as it is respectful and doesn’t involve the genitals. Our stripper duo is there to please you and provide and erotic and fun show at home for both of you to enjoy.

If you are interested in this service of strippers for couples, feel free to contact our managers and make arrangements with them. You can order this service for your special anniversary date, each other’s birthday or even at Saint-Valentines. Our strippers do love and enjoy doing this specific service as it is fun to see the joy it bring to a couple and how turned on they get. We even encourage you as a couple to kiss and touch each other during the show while watching our strippers perform their dance.