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Our male and female exotic dancers are professional strippers with multiple years of experience. They love to be part of a great event and entertain a group. With our various uniforms and packages, you can rest assure you will find the right pricing and option for your group size and desired event type. We have exotic buff butlers and topless waitresses for events that requires less nudity and a more laid back approach. With these options, you know that there will be something that works for your group. We also adapt our events and shows to your comfort levels. This means your events can be as wild or as conservative as desired which means that with us, you will get the event you desire.

Also the great thing about our concept of male and female exotic dancers at home is that you get to share the cost of the entertainment as a group for a cheap price per person. You also save a lot of cost on booze and food cost you would otherwise pay at a premium at a strip club. You also don’t need to drive anywhere. With all of these benefits, the fact that you can host your very own private party at home, at an Airbnb, a cottage, a home, an apartment, a hotel or any other approved location is quite fantastic. Our concept is simple yet quite popular! We bring the strip club experience to your doorstep.

On the bright side, there is no male strip clubs anymore so male strippers at home are the only way nowadays to have a bachelorette party the traditional way and with stripper entertainment. We recruited all of the best male strippers and offer them at home instead for all your bachelorette needs and upcoming events. Throwing a birthday party that needs to be spiced up? We are there for you.

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