Being male dancers, here at exotic temptation, we sometimes go to cottages for private parties. It is not uncommon that girls will request male strippers to come at a cottage they rented for a bachelorette. This weekend, Aston and I did exactly that. We had to dress as firefighters and go stripping in this big cottage in Gatineau dress as firefighters.


The whole plot was that we showed up asking if there was a fire around the area because we received calls about it. We were received at the door by this little cutie called Stacey. She invited us in and we really played our role. We started to investigate around and went to check the backyard. You could see the excitement in the girl’s eyes thinking we were hot for firefighters. That’s the fun of being male dancers. We are like little actors.


At some point we grabbed Courtney, the bachelorette girl, and sat her on the couch. She asked what is going on and we said don’t move. The music then started and we removed our jackets to reveal our bodies to her. She started saying no way no way, you girls got me male strippers that’s awesome. We kept going with our routine and the girls cheered more and more.


This cottage was kind of big with huge ceillings. So I picked Courtney up and lifted her on my shoulders, her crotch facing my face. I then pretended to eat her out which got the girls screeming for more. I sat her back on the couch and Aston started pulling his boxers down to show her his muscular ass. The crowd was a lot of fun and we kept going for more moves.


Courtney was so happy, you could tell it was an experience she will remember. I got to do a few private dances with her and I can tell you she was a lot of fun that chick. After the show the girls asked us if we wanted to have a beer with them around the fire pit. We agreed and we hung out a bit more with them as they were cool chicks. They kept asking us if we had girlfriends and other questions about being strippers. Girls are just so curious in nature haha. All in all it was a great cottage party minus the rain. Stripping in the woods is always a lot of fun and here at exotic temptation, your location usually doesn’t matter to us.

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