Hey, Ladies are you looking to try something new and different and would like to have our gorgeous male strippers at home for a bachelorette or a birthday? We are happy that you have landed on the number one company since 1989 in terms of male strippers at home for private events. Our company was created by retired ex-male strippers with over 30 years of experience in the trade. What we have realized is that some cities don’t even have male strip clubs or others have but they are pretty shitty. So we decided to bring the strip club experience to you ladies which is way more fun than a regular strip club. You might ask why. Well let us tell you that first and foremost, you get to have your own stripper or strippers for your group in a private setting which means that they are totally dedicated to entertaining you and your friends, you get to have your own drinks and make your own shooters which saves you ladies tons of money that you would pay for expansive overpriced bar drinks, you don’t have to organize any transportation so that everyone can drink and have a good time, on top of that it’s your own party so you get to decide how wild or how conservative it will be.

What better than having the male strip club come to your house, condo, apartment, Airbnb rental, hotel room, cottage or any other approved location. Exotic Temptation recruited the best male strippers in each cities to be able to provide the service at home. They come with the uniform of your choice, their own speaker system and music playlist as well as certain props and games for the ladies to participate in. There isn’t a better way to host a bachelorette, a naughty pool party, a girl’s night, a birthday, a divorce party or any other type of parties.

If you are interested in knowing more about our services, please call 819-431-2355 or visit our contact page at https://exotictemptation.ca/contact-us/

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Exotic Temptation Male Strippers at home