At exotic temptation, we offer male strippers for couples. Last weekend, this super chill and open minded guy contacted our company and asked if we could provide two beautiful hunks to strip down in a very sexy way for his wife. They had been together for 20 years and he wanted to spice things up in his relationship and get his wife super happy by providing all of this for her birthday. Our company never shies away from providing good quality services tailored to your needs after we can discuss them and your expectations.

We sent Taylor and Travis to the party. Apparently the wife was all into it and super excited when they arrived in their business man uniforms. They had to play a James Bond act and strip down for her to barely nothing left. The husband really enjoyed the fact that his wife was all excited. That’s why since a few years back, we started offering our services of male strippers for couples.
We can even send a duo of a male and female stripper to provide an exciting show for both in their couple. It’s been a popular service and we get tons of request for it.

It shows that now in 2018, people are more open minded and willing to try things out and have some fun within their comfortable boundaries. It is a professional service and we do what is asked from us in a respectful way. If you are interested in male strippers for couples, don’t hesitate to contact our company and our managers will do their best to discuss with you what you want. If you are a female either bisexual or open minded, you can request a female stripper for your man as well to turn things up in your relationship or just to spoil him plain and simply because he deserves it for loving you so much.

Call Mike at 819-431-2355 for details and we will make it happen.