Hi Ladies, my name is Markus and I have been working for Exotic Temptation male strippers in Ottawa for about just over 2 years now. Last Friday night, I went to this great bachelorette party near Barheaven. The bride’s name was Mia and she was this little brunette cutie with one of the nicest bum I have ever seen. I was dressed in a firefighter and had to perform for a group of around 20 girls.

I walked in pretending there was a silent fire alarm in the neighborhood and I was investigating where it was coming from. As I walked in the ladies were already cheering and making a lot of noice. Stacy was the one opening the door and asking if there was a problem. As I got into the living room, Mia was on a chair looking at me in what seemed like and overly excited look. I approached her and told her that tonight she would be the fire I had to extinguish. I started my music and I proceed to strip down as the songs were going.

The girls were into it a lot and told me it was the first time they had male strippers in Ottawa. The fun part of being an adult entertainer for the women, is that I get to meet all sort of people through the trade. Some parties I go to are a lot of fun and some not so much. But at the end of the week, it is always a pleasure for me to go entertain the ladies and have a good time with them. Exotic Temptation has male strippers in Ottawa for all taste. The company is reputable and with us you get a professional fun service of strippers that will be there to entertain and make sure you have a great fun night.

I started stripping in Ottawa in private homes because I wanted to do something different. I wanted to work on my own schedule and get out of the bar scene from Montreal. This company has been great with me and they are number one for private parties in Ottawa and Gatineau for male strippers, exotic dancers, and even exotic butlers if you wish to be served drinks and have a good time with your friends.

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