Male Strippers Ottawa


At Exotic Temptation,

we have a lot of exotic dancers always available to spice up your events. Our male strippers Ottawa have been doing

this for awhile and they are always available to work something out with our customers to meet their demands.


Our male strippers Ottawa have been going to all sort of different events. From birthday parties, to retirement

parties to bachelorette parties, we do it all. Our strippers always try to please our customers and make sure

they have a good time.


They usually contact the booking person to arrange all of the requirements for the specific event. They can then play

some acts and work something out to create unexpected surprises. Our exotic dancer’s have been wearing all sort

of uniforms upon request and they are not shy to perform any acts that is requested.


I remember once, our strippers went to this superhero disguised party. They had to blend it with the crowd and

work their magic on a birthday girl without telling her they were strippers. At some point, our male strippers Ottawa

started taking their clothes off and the music got cranked up. The birthday girl never expected this to happen.


This is just one example to show you that our strippers are actors as well. At another time, they were playing room

service at a hotel party and got in pretending they were there to offer catering and drinks. Our best one was when

our male strippers were dress as look alike cops from Ottawa. They responded to a noise complaint and they had

to pretend they were issuing a ticket to the Bachelorette girl who owned the house.


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