-At exotic temptation, we have male strippers stripping and ready to go wherever the party is. Our professional exotic male dancers like to have a good time and create memorable events for you.-

My name is Lincoln, and I am one of the dancers here at exotic temptation. Last Saturday, I went to a cottage in Tremblant. When I arrived there, the ladies were in a good mood and ready to have

some fun. As a dancer, we go by the crowd’s vibe and energy. So as I got in and played my act as a police officer responding to a call, Marylin took the bride to be by the hand and indicated me that

she was the one responsible for all the noise.


I immediately went to her and putted handcuff on her telling her I needed to take of this situation in my own way. We got the music started and I lift her up to twist her around so she would be in a

bent over position. I indicated to the crowd that part of an arrest was to search the subject for weapon or anything that could harm us. She told me that she didn’t had any but she would love for

me to use mine haha. As I was searching between her inner thighs you could hear the girls giggling and taking pictures. I then released her from her handcuffs and started stripping slowly for her

and teasing her. Stripping as a male dancer is all about seduction and eye contact. It’s all about male strippers stripping and having a lot of fun.


You could tell she was getting really into the show and was enjoying her time. Her name was Vicky and she was a small little lady with a cute perfect face. During the whole show we had a good

time and her energy made it so pleasant I didn’t want to leave after. Not too long after, another one of our dancers showed up. Apparently they requested another one while I was on my way there

because they wanted to have a good time and the other girls wanted to have more action as well. It was funny to see Max entered the room dressed in a firefighter. He told us looks like the fire has

just started so we ended up getting it going for a long longer and we did dance for every single lady in the room.


Turned out they wanted to dress like us and do dances for us so we thought it was fun and we turned it into a who is the best stripper contest. Things got wild and we had a bunch of fun. At Exotic

Temptation male strippers stripping is what we offer and it is always a blast to have a crowd that’s a lot of fun and respectful.


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