Last Saturday we sent our mont-tremblant male strippers to a cottage for a bachelorette party. This Bachelorette party was a double bachelorette with over 30 ladies attending. That evening, Tj and I(Lincoln) went through our usual preparation routine which consist of hitting the gym, shaving our bodies and showering and prepping our uniforms. Going to Mont-Tremblant to do some exotic dancing is always a road trip as Mont-Tremblant is 2 hours away from the city.

The organizer Cynthia, requested that we showed up in a police and firefighter outfit and pretend we had a fire call in the area and we were checking things out. As Mont-Tremblant male strippers, we had to put on a good act and prepare a great show. Our whole plot was that Tj would respond as a firefighter and walk through the premises and then he would start stripping while the police officer(me) shows up a little after and join in on the party. The ladies were on fire and they really didn’t expect that kind of appearances.

As Mont-Tremblant male strippers it is always a blast to surprise the girls and create a fun and entertaining atmosphere for all of them to party in the comfort of the cottage. The whole show went as expected and the ladies were very generous throwing tips at us and being involved into our show. Tj was picking them up and getting them on his shoulders while I was dancing and entertaining the brides getting them shy and turned on at the same time. We all had a good time and took shots for the brides and wish them a great life with their husbands.

What is fun about this job, is that you get to create fun memories for people to share and you are part of them as well. If you are interested in throwing any kind of event that requires exotic male dancers, please feel free to contact our company.


Tj and Lincoln