Hello People, my name is Johnny and I have been one of the naked strippers at home for Exotic Temptation for 4 years now. I discovered the company after a friend of mine told me that I could quit the club scene and do what I was passionate about right in people’s homes, Airbnb rentals, hotels, cottages, houses, condos, apartments, and much more. Exotic Temptation and Exotic Divas are run by ex-male strippers and female strippers who operate the company with pride. It was created in 1989 when they noticed that the demand for at-home parties, has always been there and people had a preference for it.

When you think about it really, as young teenagers, our best parties have always been the parties we had at home. When you host your own party, you can buy and consume whatever you want, your alcohol is way cheaper than at a club, you don’t have to be annoyed by having to constantly tip waitresses and waiters for refilling your drinks, you don’t need to drive, and you can have your own private group of guests and be as wild or as conservative as desired. It is truly one amazing way to have the best possible party of your life. Now, what would you say if we would throw naked strippers to come over and entertain the crowd while offering you an eye candy show. Well, this is what we do at Exotic Temptation and Exotic Divas, we bring the entertainment right to your door and offer you the strip club experience at home. What can be better than this for your next bachelorette party, bachelor party, birthday party, pool party, divorce party, or any other type of party that could require our services?

For the four years that I have been a male stripper. I can tell you that I have met the nicest and kindest people in this world, I have had chats with some people after the show until the sunrise, I have had a lot of fun entertaining the customers and getting to see their smile and happiness through enjoying a fun time with their friends….. At Exotic Temptation and Exotic Divas, it is much more than just about stripping. We strive to create customer relationships and make sure everyone is having an amazing time out of the event they had us participate in.

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