Are you gents planning a Christmas party and would love to have naughty Christmas topless waitresses come your way? Well, you have landed on the right company and website. We offer exotic topless waitresses for any events that require our services.

Exotic Divas recruits the best and most beautiful girls in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. We offer naughty Christmas topless waitresses to spice up the Holiday season at the moment. With Exotic Divas, you get professional topless bartenders to come make drinks at your house(with the alcohol that you provide) to entertain your guests.

Since 1989 our opening date, topless waitresses have been a staple of our services and we have had an increased interest in this for poker nights, boys nights, dinners among friends, parties, bachelors, and many more. It is a great way to add a touch of sexiness for any events at home.

You can order one or two waitresses and they will walk around topless and interact with the guests while serving them drinks. Their job is to always make sure everyone has something to drink while providing a nice atmosphere and something pleasing for the eyes.

Our naughty Christmas topless waitresses have great attitudes and personalities and are very professional. Don’t think that because they are topless that they don’t provide an amazing service. They have been doing this for years and work as regular bartenders most of the time. For them, this is just something different to do and they don’t mind doing it for our respectful customers who are seeking this great service.

If you are interested in knowing more about what Exotic Divas can do to spice up your event, please contact us at 819-431-2355 to discuss with our managers and it will be a pleasure for them to assist you.

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