If you are looking for a way to spice things up in your relationship, our couple’s stripper package is what you need for an evening of sexy naughtiness. At Exotic Temptation, you can order a female and male stripper who will come to your house to offer a sexy show for your couple. If you are ready to be more open minded and want to experiment something fun tailored to your level of comfort, our couple’s stripper package will be sure to spice things up within your relationship.

This service is something new that has been asked a lot as couple’s are now more open minded in 2018 and want to experiment a bit and get out of their comfort zone. Having a male and female stripper at the same time will be sure to appeal to any couple who wants to have a sexy and naughty night in the comfort of their home. Our strippers will come to your location and put out a sexy show that will rev up your sex drive and desire. If you want to have something fun and you’re not sure where your relationship stands and want to experiment together without getting into the swinger’s lifestyle, this couple’s stripper package is exactly what you need.

It is like going to both strip clubs(male and female) at the same time with a more tailored experience in the comfort of your home and it keeps your privacy. Both of you will have something nice to look at and touch and you will be able to enjoy that together on that special night that you feel like being kinky. No mater what age or level of comfort your relationship has, our professional strippers will discuss details and tailor the experience to your liking.

This fantasy package is great for any couple looking to have an interesting and fun experience at home. Please contact our manager Mike or Ashley and discuss your desires and we will book you one of our great couple’s stripper package.