Hey, ladies are you looking for Ottawa – Gatineau Buff Butlers for Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, divorce parties, or simply just a girl’s night seeking a lot of fun and entertainment? Exotic Temptation is a professional male stripper and buff butler company for any events at home. We have been in business since 1989 and worked hard to establish ourselves as a reputable and trustworthy business. We strive to offer a unique and tailored client experience aimed at having fun, being entertained, and putting our events as part of their pleasurable memories for years to comes.

Our Buff Butlers come with games, and outfits to catering to the lady’s need for the duration of the event. The goal is to have good looking men entertaining and serving you drinks while you enjoy a great night with your girlfriends. This is a more laid back and less into your face experience than having strippers at home if you think this is a better fit for your group or what you are planning out. All of our guys are really comfortable with a group of women and have been doing this for several years. They have great looks and personalities and they always strive to deliver a great and fun experience for everyone. They know how to make everyone feel special and to give everyone attention. If you want Ottawa – Gatineau Buff Butlers for Bachelorette don’t hesitate to explore our website to learn and see more of what we have to offers. You can also take the time to call us at 819-431-2355 or send us a contact form inquiries and it will be our manager’s pleasure to assist you and answer all of your questions while giving you a quote in terms of pricing. The great thing also is that our prices are group prices so they can be shared between everyone attending the event.

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