Ottawa Strippers Marc and Justin went to this great bachelorette party this past Saturday. The show occured at albert’s suites in Ottawa. This was a double bachelorette party for Cindy and Natasha, two woman in their mid thirties.


It was a usual Saturday night and we were just having our regular vodka soda’s before heading to the bachelorette party. As we arrived there we were greeted by Olivia who was wearing sexy laundry sporting a good set of tits and a body to dream for. We got in and realized that the theme of this party was sexy laundry. There they was about 30 women in bra’s and thong’s staring right at us. This was going to be fun we knew that.


As we started dancing those two beautiful blondes decided to strip beside us and battling us for who will strip to the less amount of clothes. As the were removing their bras to show their beautiful massive tits, they started making out together and the rest of the woman were removing their tops as well. It was such a distraction, Marc and I started to feel blood rushing down in between our legs. As our penis got bigger and bigger in our boxers, those two beautiful brunettes came over and started rubbing our cocks though our boxers.


We were so excited and overwhelm by all those tits. Then two other girls came and started rubbing our chest and ass. We couldn’t dance anymore as hands were getting more and more all over us. We told them at this point that the show was over and that we were now on our own personal time as to protect the company and we knew that things were getting hotter and hotter. At some point they took our boxers away and started giving us head one after the other while cheering and filming it.


This party was turning into a porno and we were never porn actors haha. Natasha told us tonight you boys are our live sex toys. We will use you like you’ve never been used before. Man were we excited to be toys. Jennifer, this beautiful petite black hair woman, came with condoms and said lie down boys this is going on your cocks. We want to ride you one after another. We complied without much resistance. By now everyone was naked and we had pussies in our faces while girls were jumping on our cocks and riding us back to back. The feeling of their warm pussies sliding up and down was one of the best feeling I have experienced. At some point they took the condoms off and started giving us head again and gathered all around our cocks to receive our semen in their mouth and face. As ottawa strippers, we couldn’t of asked for a better night.


As the pressure was building up inside our bodies, we tensed up more and more and the view of all those women around our penises was the best view we ever experienced. We both came at almost the same time and the release and seeing all our semen flying all over their faces was the hottest thing ever. This was definitely not a usual party and it was quite pleasing of an experienced and something we will remember forever. We love open minded women!!


Marc and Justin – Ottawa strippers