Paintball stripping with our female exotic dancers, is one of our new favorite game. So This weekend, we will gather together all of us strippers at exotic temptation. We like to reach out to our female stripper friends and we challenge them to a stripping paintball game.


We have a guy that owns a big land up in Gatineau and allow us to play there. Our female dancer friends like to come down from Montreal and some from Toronto, and it’s boys against girls. The fun part of the game is every time you get hit by a paintball, you have to remove clothes. Usually by the end of the day everyone ends up naked and we have many laugh as it is so much fun. Stripping while playing paintball is something we created and we do it every year.


It’s like a big stripper’s party and we are all comfortable with each other so it’s a lot of fun. We usually have a few drinks as well and some of us like to party hard. Our female friends are a blast, and they are gorgeous as well. There’s something about stripping paintball that get us all so horny. We usually end up hooking up between one another at the end of the day.


If you and your friends have a great group of female open minded friends, I would definitely recommended that you try our game. It is that much fun and especially when it’s hot and nice outside. For us, it gets our mind of work and allows us to connect with a bunch of people who are doing the same as us. And we get to see titties and asses as well so why not haha. After all, there is always ways to have a blast doing something different in life.