This last Saturday I was schedule to go strip for this bachelorette party up in Cantley near Gatineau. They requested one male stripper and since I was near there for a previous birthday party, I took the job. I dressed myself in a gentleman which was what was requested by the organizer. Exotic Temptation advised me that this party was mix and there was a few men attending the show. I wasn’t too comfortable with the idea but I told myself oh well what can really happen.

As I was driving in what seemed to be a dead end up in Cantley, I came up to this beautiful huge mansion which seemed to have a lot of people attending. Sometimes it can be a little intimidating to show up to a location with people you don’t know and having to take off your clothes in front of them. Well it’s part of the male stripping industry so I told myself alright show time.

I entered the house and right there was the living room with roughly 50 people starring at me. I could see a bunch of guys as well drinking beer and staring at me already like I wasn’t welcome. As the girls were already cheering and getting all excited, I started moving to the music. From what I remember it was Pony by genuine that was playing. I was a little tipsy from the previous party haha.

The more I was dancing and taking clothes off, the more I could see excitement in the girl eyes but guys getting angry as well. At some point the atmosphere got really tense and all I was seeing was this guy staring right a me with an aggressive facial expression. Being a male stripper is not easy for this reason because it gets the girls attention and the men jealous.

At some point, I felt hands on my back while I was dancing on the bachelorette girl, this guy grabbed me and pushed me to the wall. I could smell the booze off his breath while the girls were screaming at him to release me. I saw his right hand coming as he was taking a swing for my face telling me that’s enough stripper. At that point the girls were up and after him. I was quick enough to dodge his punch and push him on the ground. I went on top of him and grabbed him by the throat. Told him I didn’t come here for this shit and he’s the one who shouldn’t be here not me.

None of the less, I already had the money and this bachelorette party was wreaked due to this guy’s attitude and actions. The girls apologized while I was screaming at him and he was still trying to fight me. His buddies stepped in and told me they were taking it from there and that I did a good strip and could leave now if I wanted to.

I wasn’t going to say no to that. I excused myself from the house and all I could think was wow which girl in there as to deal with a man like that. Our job is not always easy and having jealous guys around mixed with booze is never a good idea if you are planning a nice bachelorette party and want to enjoy your night.


Exotic Temptation