With the cold months coming up, we offer some hot Holiday male stripping at home to spice things up. Wetter it is a bachelorette party, birthday party, special occasion, or for some pure and

simple fun, Exotic Temptation offers it all. We always have some hot and sexy male strippers available for you. This holiday season will be a great one for us as there is many special occasions and

parties coming up. Holiday male stripping at home is always a blast.


We offer many different uniforms to spice things up and make your events interesting. Don’t hesitate to contact us this Holiday season as we have many specials and different male stripping

packages to offer. We we’ve been doing a lot of corporate parties as well so that is not a problem for us. Last year, we had a big work party and we had 4 dancers going over there in the middle of

the evening to spice things up and turn up the heat in the place. They danced for many women and overall everybody had a fun night.


If you would like to have them disguised over an Halloween party we offer that as well. We had one special event last year where our dancers blended in with the crowd at a Halloween house

party. At some point the music changed and they started stripping down in the middle of the dance floor. It was a great surprise and everybody got into it and had fun. We allow pictures and

videos as well as long as it stays between the people that attended the party and doesn’t go on social medias.


For some fun holiday male stripping at home, Exotic Temptation is the company to book with. We are professionnal and offer services adapted to our clientele and request.


To book please fill in our contact form and send it to us. Our manager will reply to you as soon as possible.